Christ Church Anglican
Kitimat, B.C.
Diocese of Caledonia
Anglican Church of Canada


Church Committees


Church Committee meets every 2nd Tuesday of each Month at 7:30 PM

at the Church lounge. Everybody may attend.







Rectors Warden = to be appointed by Father Luke

Peoples Warden = Tom Balfour

Envelope Secretary = Bev Engel

Synod Delegate - Wolfgang (Wolf) Scholz

Synod Alternate = Alex Kola

Treasurer - Appointed = Alex Kola

Record Secretary = Eleanor Kendal

Verger = Michael Kola


Non-Elected Positions

Social Committee = Looking for Volunteer

Alter Guild = Angela Greenslade

Head Server = Angela Greenslade

Head Sides person = Tom Balfour

Sunday School Representative = Sandy Anker

Cal Times Reporter - everyone to participate